egw0Now apimodule is popular in Ukraine.
Many beekeepers know how takes off a tiredness and beneficially influences on an organism, be fast asleep on beehives, and build the different constructions of apimodule on apiaries, beginning from the simplest for the personal use, and ending large health complexes.

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egw0The high pace of life, emotional and psychological stress, fatigue, alas, frequent companions of the modern man. Constant fatigue and stress can cause headaches, insomnia and more serious diseases.

Curative effect of bees is unique. Restful sleep in apimodule has a powerful healing effect and, above all, is the perfect remedy for disease prevention, allowing a person to lead a healthy life.

Healthy sleep in apimodule strengthens immune system, improves blood circulation; helps to normalize the metabolism; effective in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, in addition to the primary therapy; broncho-pulmonary diseases (bronchitis and asthma); helps to cope with insomnia, migraines and headaches associated with nervous stress; increases potency in men.

egw0Sleep in аpimodule is powerful prevention of human diseases.
Apimodulе enables the person to feel him in the aura of bees, as if he were inside a bee-family, while being safe from direct contact with bees. A person inhales the air coming from the bee colonies, which is filled with aromas of honey, beeswax, propolis, Royal Jelly, and has its own, unique fragrance.
Dream in apimodule has a positive effect on the patient, after a few sessions, the person feels much better.

egw0Sessions are assigned from 1-2 hours a day until the nights inside apimodule, it all depends on the diagnosis. To achieve a good sustainable effect is required from 10 to 15 sessions of 1.5 hours each.

egw0A number of requirements for the design of the modules:

[su_note]-the design must provide a comfortable environment for the patient and for the beekeeper, which services modules; [/su_note]
[su_note]-the impact of the fields is highest in more closely with the bees; [/su_note]
[su_note] -the influence of bees per person will be the more, the more bees will be in the module. [/su_note]

Requirements are contradictory among themselves, and their implementation will require the coordination and optimization.
So at the very beginning faced with the question, what module to build?

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egw0Construction of the apimodule we should all consider and try to avoid most of the deficiencies that aggravate and sometimes quite reduced therapeutic effect on bees.
[su_note]You need to create the optimal conditions for comfortable rest and maximum effect recovery.
As well as to create the conditions necessary for the cultivation and maintenance of strong bee colonies and ease of maintenance.

egw0To observe the spectacular flight of bees set window.
We recommend that you do not put the bedroom windows on the West, because by the evening they will be heated by sunlight. The best location is the North or East. Apimodule desirable place in the shade of the trees, or, in a sleeping compartment for the evening will be very hot. The window blinds are installed (not everyone likes to sleep with the windows open), blinds allows observation of bees and creates the effect of the closed windows.

egw0Minimal need for fresh air for one person-1.8 m³/h. This volume of air contains just as much air to survive. However, you cannot talk about good health. From the point of view of hygiene for a single person need for fresh air when the person sleeps 10-25 m³/h.
Apimodule volume should not be less than 2.0 m³, with ventilation, providing a continuous air exchange.

Apimodule can be thought of as a huge inhaler where people breathe not just clean air, and air with antimicrobial substances. The fact of the matter is that bees consistently produce disinfection of the nest so that the air it is sterile. The air is saturated with propolis, biologically active substances which has anti-microbial properties. This natural antiseptic selectively acts on the micro-organisms in humans: harmful-neutralizes and useful does not attack. The bee also evaporated in the air a lot of Phytoncide that nourish the blood and stimulate the human heart.

Volatile fraction have a stimulating effect on the respiratory, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems, improve the condition of the nervous system, improve the pulmonary system, enhance the body’s immunity. In the literature there is evidence that the work in the Apiary promotes longevity.
The bee also ionize the air-as each bee carries a negative ion charge. The air saturated with negative ions, which has a beneficial effect on the body: a person breathes less and calmer, increases absorption of oxygen, which improves blood composition, lower high blood pressure, elevated health and vivacity.

egw0In order to dive into sleep, our body needs to relax. And to relax, we have to warm up. In bed will be warm and comfortable, if its temperature is 28-32° С, on 5-8° c below body temperature (the normal temperature of the human body is considered to be between 35.5 and 37° c). Board of experts-stay in a warm bed and fall asleep on his back. Falling asleep at the back leads to a gradual relaxation of the whole body, normalizes blood circulation.
In the central zone of the nest average temperature is 35° c. This temperature is maintained in the zone of the brood.
Relatively low temperatures support bees to be located on the periphery of the nest-the average temperature is 33.5° c.
Even a loss would be optimal temperature. This is the ideal situation, in which the body does not need to store energy to maintain a constant body temperature, and there is no need to activate the cooling mechanisms.
According to many researchers, deep active heating (hot tub, heating pad) may cause significant degradation so that it will be difficult to handle in a hospital setting, but the temperature 30-35° c is often used in the treatment of osteo-articular and connective-muscular syndromes.

egw0Pretty well studied the human biofield and on the biofield structures of bees information a little.
The aura of bee-family, which is identical to a aura human, interacts with the human biofield through what bees remove the violations of the human in an electromagnetic field. In humans, normalizes blood pressure, cardiac and cerebral blood circulation, remove cramps, improves muscle tone.
Commonly used method (frame, swingarm) biofield measurements were done some individuals of bee-family and the entire family as a whole. Determined that the size of the bio-field of the uterus is 60-80 cm, the drone is 60-70, working bees, 45-55, , and the aura of the family over the outer wall of the hive is 35-45 cm.

Lying in apimodule, a man completely gets in the aura of the bee family. Only strong and healthy families provide the most powerful aura.

egw0In contrast to the harmful effects of vibration of machines and mechanisms, the local vibration of small intensity can favorably affect the human body, improves the functional condition of the central nervous system, accelerate wound healing of …
Vaporizing moisture out of the hive, the bees create a micro massage. It turns out the effect of a light massage, which has beneficial effects on cerebral blood circulation, normalization of pressure and soothing the nervous system.

The bees are buzzing to convey information. Most often, the buzz is used for ventilation to cool the hive. The sound of the loud and steady, about 250 oscillations per second. Buzzing bees for effects on the human psyche is comparable with the sound of the tide. It soothes, relaxes, adjusts to having achieved peace with the LAD, a distraction from troubles and worries.
Application of mattress significantly reduces the intensity of vibration, nullifying its impact.

[su_note]While respecting the principles of designing apimodule and content of strong bee colonies will have a beneficial effect on the body and the maximum effect from a healing sleep.[/su_note]


egw0Consider the design of the individual module consisting of two hives.


      1. window to monitor the bees;
      2. window sill;
      3. to transfer air from the bees to the patient;
      4. sliding shutter-4pcs., prevent vapor from its seat in the winter;
      5. lateral expansion boards-2pcs.;
      6. ceiling boards put in winter, in summer the canvas;
      7. cross-section boards-10pcs., serve as a bed for the patient;
      8. the door;
      9. winter ventilation openings.

egw0To feel comfortable and be able to put your hands at your sides, not throw them behind the head, not keep them on your stomach, the ideal width bed for one adult person from 70 to 90 cm.



Once the hive is assembled, start assembling the sleeping module. The back and front walls tighten plaque 25 × 100 mm; left and right-Board 50 x 100 mm, the length and is 950 mm. Top put an expansion board.
The width of the hive is 530 mm. In order to increase the width to the optimal size will add two lateral boards (6) width of 200 mm.
The patient rests on heated bees boards, and only hands on the side boards.


egw0 In apimodule can be different species of bees, but this is buskfast. They are more other meet the requirements apimodule: very peace-lovers and calm, scrupulous cleanliness in the hive, more resistant to disease, less susceptible to varroa.

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Video: Build apimodule.

A good wintering grounds, abundant flowering,
Good luck and delicious honey to you!
Health to you and your Bee!
Sincerely yours, Nickolas